Xtreme Juice Online School Ordering System

Q: Can I order smoothies any other way than online (ie cash, check, etc.)
A: No, right now we are ONLY accepting orders online.

Q: What is the deadline for getting my order in, and what happens if I miss the deadline, can I call the school or Xtreme Juice and put in a last minute order?
A: The deadline is 9pm the day before smoothie day. For example, if the student is receiving smoothies on Friday, the deadline is Thursday night at 9pm. If you miss the deadline, there is no way to order late. You will have to wait until the next smoothie day to get a smoothie.

Q: How will I know what days there are special school events that would prohibit the student from getting a smoothie that I paid for?
A: We have the school schedule ahead of time. We have blocked off all school events, so it is not possible to place an order for a smoothie on those event days. Grade specific field trips are NOT noted on the schedule. Please make sure you check your child's grade for such conflicts; sometimes the class may be back in time for lunch. If your child is involved with Meals on Wheels that day, your child will be back in time for lunch and get their smoothie.

Q: Can I modify my order once it's been placed?
A: Yes, you can modify the smoothie flavor as long as you do it before the 9pm deadline.